inside of cabin with kids loft 1976

Norma inside new home 1976family time 1976

Cara & Cora helping mom with dishes 1976

Image                SLANT ROOF TO BARN STYLE                          Image

The original slant cabin was built in 1974 but fell in due to snow build up & not enough timber support for the roof.  So spring of 1975 found the Cobb’s building a whole new idea for our home.  The barn like cabin allowed us to build also a half loft within it which gave us more space to live life.  This was mainly the kids abode–slept there & kept their personal things there.  1975 was the families first winter living in our finally finished cabin.  We were so proud of what we had accomplished even though it was simple and basic.

This means we did everything in this 20×30 foot cabin–homeschooling/domestic chores/games/reading/ butchering winter meat/fixed any mechanical tools or toys for travel/built things/skinned & tanned furs/hobbies/etc.  Pioneer life was just that–hauling wood for heat each day/hauling water with the dogs/ baking each days bread & meals/teaching daily school lessons.  You might say that pioneer life is always full & there is never a dull moment.  A way of life that is full of rewards, danger, drear, challenges, adventure, and family time.

Many have asked me to show pictures of living inside a one room cabin.  To say the least our family of 7 had to cram things together greatly for our limited cabin size.  One didn’t notice it during summer as we were outdoors working our butts off but during the winter the 24 hour nights and cold weather kept us inside except to work/care for the animals/ enjoy sports outside.  Nature was always the dominating force that dictated the days activities or work.  As anyone might guess, we loved each other dearly but we also fought as we were together 24/7.  I guess you might understand then how any company passing through would be a main priority in that day.  Everything got put on hold.  We gleaned any bit of info about the area, their families, opinions, weather, mining, villages.  Nothing else mattered.  During this time most visitors travelled by mushing dogs of which we just happen to be in their path on their travels from Eureka or Manly Hot Springs  thru the Minook Valley heading towards Rampart and the Yukon River or visa versa.  There are some wild and delightful stories to be told of those travelling or staying locals passing thru over the years.

I guess I can’t put on the pics that I wanted to share.  I have tried everything.  I will have to start a new blog on another more friendly blog site.  Sorry about this all.  More later & will link this with new blog.



Since I am now living in Arizona where the record dry heat is causing such serious dangers of life and property in this desert country; plus the terrible deaths of 19 heroes at the Yarnell hills wildfires, I thought I would share an experience some of my family went thru while living in the bush country of Alaska with a fire in the summer of 1990 on Memorial day weekend.  Was truly the most hair raising experience I had out there.  I don’t think I ever felt so totally out of control with nothing but a creek and towel to fight with in order to put  a raging wildfire out.  What would we do without firefighters that go around risking their lives all around the country wherever the fires hit?

My life started that Monday like any other day after a holiday weekend.  Big family and area friends gathering for bbq fixins with homemade ice cream to top it off.  People popping in and out getting away from the city life heading for the open country with all it’s nature and freedoms for the weekend.  Of course, everyone enjoying the comraderie, food, and country livin’.  In the woods that is always cherished moments spent sharing the good life together.

After everyone heads for home as the next day is a work day for them, the hard work starts for me. That special day, Cara was only one left around to help me cleanup from all the activity and fun while Les and Tom headed over the mountain for Eureka to do some gold mining on a friends claim.  Most of my kids had grown up and gone on their own leaving only Cara,18 years old,  around while visiting from Anchorage with her baby son, Ira, and a small kitten she had brought out with her.

As you can imagine, there were lots of town people out running around in the woods doing there own thing too.  During the weekend, we had heard a couple of 4-wheelers zooming by towards the end of our old road to have an experience on their own fishing, camping and getting away from it all. We were used to that!  Seems they stayed the weekend and then headed back out near the same time as our company headed back for town.  Of course, we thought nothing further of it.

Around lunch time after working so hard cleaning up things, Cara and I decide to eat our lunch on the front porch of our home cabin.  We had just sat down and looked to the north when we started smelling smoke.  A gust of wind suddenly sent flames roaring towards us on our land next to the home.  We threw our food down and started running towards the fire trying to figure what was going on.  Flames were shooting up everywhere from the north in the wind and getting way to close to the cabin.  What do you do?  Panic at first!  We could hardly believe our eyes.  What was going on here?

Quickly we tried to get the first grasses that had caught on fire with wet towels but it seemed to be increasing rather than just being something little to put out.  We both thought of Les and how we could inform him of our dilemma happening here.  Cara thought maybe she could get on one of our horses and ride over the pass to Eureka in order to alert Les for help.  The biggest problem being it was breakup & the ice at the creek crossings were breaking up and unstable.  Our horses weren’t the best at crossing over ice so scared easily with the unstable footing on the melting ice. Plus Cara was a novice rider.  Turns out half way there she couldn’t get the horse to cross so had to come back.

In the meantime, I was back trying to fight off the fire that started whipping around furiously from the chaotic winds that were darting here and there from the fire without rime or reason.  After Cara left on the horse, I had laid Ira down on a blanket in the middle of the front room with the his bottle and the little kitten.  Hoping they would both go to sleep while I had to fight the fire.  Was the only safe thing I could think of.

damaging fire


I had a couple towels that I kept run to and from the creek to each area and start swinging furiously at the fire so that it would reach the house from any direction.  I not only had to save the home cabin but also across the creeks I had our original cabin built, a wranglers cabin, and the big lot that had a barn for the horses with sheds for chickens, rabbits, and our goats.  Plus all the equipment we had in order to run our ranch with our horse business of trail riding. I don’t know if I can explain how I felt, acted, hurried around in order to save all we owned with just towels running back and forth to the creek as they got dry from the flames.  All I know is I spent 2 hours frantically working to save what I could.  Praying loudly for God to protect those things in the barn yard that I just couldn’t save by myself.  Three cabins were already more than I could bear physically running to and from.  I prayed for Him to protect all the equipment, animals, sheds, explosives that were laying around the barn area as we used propane and diesel for everything.  If the fire got ahold of that it would all blow up!

Of course, the main home cabin was most important to me but they all had propane to fuel the lights and stoves.  Finally the fire got so close to our home cabin that I had to stop and concentrate keeping the fire away from the propane tanks.  I already was exhausted at this point.  Praying, crying, yelling, and to say the least falling apart.

As I was running across the creek on our bridge to protect a cabin, my husband came with Tom running past me to start fighting the fire.  They had seen the smoke drifting over the mountains towards Eureka and started flying in our ole truck across the creeks that were breaking up and over all those ole pot holes created on our dirt road by the winter snows and thaw.  At that moment when they came, I was ready to quit from exhaustion.  I had lost hope. Seeing them with all their energy and adrenaline gave me a second wind and renewed my hope inside. So all 4 of us, as Cara had gotten back about same time with the horse, tried our best for the next 3 hours more to fight and save all we had worked so hard to build in the wild back country.  We could envision everything we had built for 17 years go down in smoke in less than a day!!!  If they hadn’t come, I know I was ready to stop as I felt I could fight it no more.  I was on the verge of getting my grandson, all the animals free and just fleeing down the road to safety til someone came.  Does that sound cowardly to you?

We fought saving everything except for one cabin on the far end where the fires had started and propane exploded when all of a sudden while protecting another cabin on that far end by the creek we started seeing smoke jumpers floating down in the sky. Awesome!  We couldn’t really believe we had some help in our fight.  We stopped momentarily, me in the creek handing up water to Les while he would run with the buckets to throw on the cabin to save it.  I truly wish I had a camera or movie camera in my hand to record that beauty we saw floating down.  Our hope surged.  Help!!!!

All of a sudden they surrounded us insisting that we stop, take a break, and let them handle it from there.  You know, that is hard to do when all you have is burning away but they insisted and we backed off.  I can’t explain the hope and prayers that seemed to take shape when they took over.  It took them two weeks to get that large fire than burned BLM land on both sides of us and also native land between us and Rampart.  I can’t remember the amount of acres it burned in all but it was no small amount.  Two weeks is a long time to fight one fire.  I should mention that my prayers did play out as God did protect things in the barn yard that I couldn’t even begin to battle flames.  It was like He spread out His mighty hand.  The propane tank pile, equipment, fuel tanks, sheds, etc were all protected with just fingers of fire burn in between.  Like a mighty hand!  Sure uplifted me in my knowledge of His great protection in my hour of need!!!!



I cannot sing enough praises for the hard work, the care they extended for our wishes about our property, their danger they endured, and yet when left cleaned their area up like they had never lived all around our grounds in order to keep fighting this massive fire.  The BLM had put together an extensive operation of control in order to fight this interior fire of the north country.  Even hiring my daughter, Cara, during it all.  Yes it was like grand central station to us with all these people and government saving the country side but I give them extreme praise for all they did.

Are you wondering how the fire did get started after all I mentioned and the investigation of that fire?  Maybe some have figured it out.  The fire was caused by the 2 military couples on those 4-wheelers that came out for their camping fun over the holidays.  Yes they put out their campfire but most city people don’t realize if they don’t put water on it then it smolders underneath in the tundra, spreads, and then finally gets enough energy to explode firing up into a big blaze.  People just don’t realize a fire doesn’t just stay on top and that dry conditions create its own issues.

I have great respect and fear of fire.  It is unstoppable in its fury and gobbling up of fuel in its path.  Fire just helps fuel it all with dry conditions.  The wilderness is full of dead things to feast on.  Winds just enhance the darting and fury of its power.  I have never seen the kinds of wind that fire creates of its own. Man power and these mighty airplanes that can drop their retardant fluid are all that can attack the open country when it takes off.  It truly is a sacrifice for all concerned.  Not to think of how many lives are changed by human careless acts or of nature especially dry lightning.

I am not for the government letting fires burn out.  It destroys way too much land as it doesn’t just clean things up, it sterilizes the ground.  I would rather they let people clean up areas that have down falls or shrubs that are a danger.  Timber is useful firewood.  It takes years for a forest to rebuild.  People and government regulate miners when in truth miners only open up an area so things can grow.  It doesn’t sterilize the ground or seeds.  Instead for Alaska & other cold places it warms up the ground by clearing it and allows the ground cover, fruit shrubs, and trees to start growing which feeds animals as well as us.  Ground is then more productive.  People should open their eyes to the damages caused by open burning till it burns out.  Environmentalists don’t always have all things in check on what is happening around them. There is always more to the picture of what nature is doing.

Later after all settled down from our experience, during the winter I wrote an article giving these unsung heroes praise in the magazine ‘ALASKAN MEN’ that was so popular at that time.  That is a magazine of bachelors looking for women to marry.  I convenced the magazine that lots of them were bachelors in that firefighter world and their story needed to be told with lots of praise.  I think the government and the firefighters were very happy concerning how I wrote about them and what they do.  They truly are heroes!!!  I can never sing their praises enough.  I truly am sorry this Arizona fire took the lives of so many courageous and worthy men!!!!!

forest fire regrowth


It took many many years for things to grow back around our homestead.  With its cold winters and permafrost conditions nothing could grow very fast.  Until then we lived with blackness all around.  Talk about ruining our pristine valley and mountains. We did use a lot of it for firewood so that it would clean it out.  Since it burned half of our land, we decided to divide half our land into 5 acre lots that Les used equipment to clean up for plots for their homes and drive-ways.  Made the area prettier and gave some people a chance to make themselves recreational living in the woods.  So goes the saga of one families plight with fire!!!


Cobb’s Christmas 1985

Many wonder how one can enjoy Christmas in the bush country.  Probably much different from most in the city.  Ours was simple and basic with most things made for each other rather than going to a store or shopping til you drop!  although there were some years that I did go to a catalog and order as the younguns got older and harder to fill their needs during the holidays.  Plus there were years that we did special deeds of goodwill for each other or others in need rather than presents.  Along the way you find different and exciting ways to celebrate His birth.  One neat one was in the manger connected with the straw to add when each did a good deed.  Sooo many good ideas out there to think of others and cheer up the holidays for all concerned.

Usually during December, we made cards to send to loved ones. Decorated the home with handmade designs to hang around home and tree, then made decorations to hang on the tree.  One of our special treats during this time was going out to cut our tree for the special moment and glory of Christmas in the house.  Seems nature always had that special tree just ready for us! It was usually a family thing but once in a while Les would go with the boys while us gals prepared the area.  Our tree was around 5 to 6 feet tall; just right for the one room cabins front room.  The cabin would come alive with the smell of spruce!  While we anticipated the fun of making all the goodies to hang upon it.

What could we possibly make for our tree?  Let’s see, the kiddos would create special cuttings from construction paper, glue, colors, scraps to hang on it.  Plus we either made the running streamer with popcorn or with construction paper circles that inter-locked.  These we circled the tree beautifully setting the tone for the tree.  Remember we didn’t have electricity for many years so we didn’t put lights up.  That we missed as one always loves to see the tree alive at night with glowing lights.  Although a few years before we got electricity, we did have a small generator that we used several times a week so we could see the lights.  That would depend on if we had enough fuel for such a luxury!  Plus santa did drop into the valley some years on our roof for the thrill and delight of our Cobb clan.  That raised quite a havoc of excitement!!!

Throughout the weeks we put whatever the kids created for this special tree.  Some years I had bought special crafting kits that helped us make very  glittery items while other years we made cookies and candies to hang on the tree.  No matter what we crafted to hang up, the kids were always proud of what they had created themselves to beautify according to their age at the time.  Somehow the tree was always full of special effects they dreamed of or had saved for the tree.  Believe me, there were some odd items over the years.

After we would get our tree in order, we would then tackle the christmas cards we wanted to send to loved ones.  Some years they painted them while other years they cut them out.  My kids always made fun of me recycling past cards from loved ones but they came in handy when we created our own cards by cutting out what we wanted to create new ones.  I often used the recycled ones for on top of my packages also.  In the woods, you utilized everything you can to make things work & recycling was a key.  The kids loved making up their own poems & verses for the new cards to send so they were just special for that family or loved one.  For many years we had even made them for the prisoners we wrote.  I think they had much satisfaction in making all these special items and creations to bring happiness and cheer to others.

Our next big endeavor would be to make those special Christmas cookies, candies, breads, etc to give away amongst the area local travelers through our valley during the winter time at Christmas.  Many travelled through our valley whether by mushing or snowgo. Not only would we have goodies to cheer and warm them up during their stay but we loved making them special boxes with the goodies to take home to their families.  We would come up with some crazy ideas for the boxes so they could use them again.  Let’s see, what type of goodies did we make to eat?  Of course, fudge was at the top of the list!  Plus peanut brittle, divinity, brownies, cookies that we decorated with sprinkled goodies with colors & glitters.  Plus their favorite to make was pulled taffy.  That was always quite the rambunctious fun!  One Christmas I burned my hand badly while pouring out the peanut brittle onto the sheet to dry.  Ugh!!!  How painful was that.  although for weeks I got out of working because of it.  Heh, heh  Method in my madness!!  No really it put a shadow over our preparations and goings on.

All I can say is, I know my children and I have many fond memories of the unusual but happy times spent enjoying the love of family and Christ in our little valley.  Over the later years, I have even presented each with many of the decorations that we made as a family.  My hope was to instill those past memories into their new lives and families while they celebrated His love together.  Isn’t that what Christmas is about–memories, love, gatherings, family and friends, food with Christ among us!!!!

May each of you have a very blessed, healthy and happy Christmas and New Years that lasts your life thru!!

Amazing Aurora’s in the night sky!!!

Falls aurora explodes!

Beauty in the night skies!

2011 has been alive with exceptional northern lights whether spring or fall!  Only those in the northern states or countries can glimpse that rare privilege of the sun’s solar blazing or exploding to create such magnificent aurora’s in the dark heavens above.  Just seems like God’s paintbrush eluminates the dark night.  Making life and nature so ere and alive.

They can even wake you out of your sleep because of the disturbance in the atmosphere around you.  Seems like an electrical charge has the air and night buzzing with pulses that dance about.  You look out your cabin’s window to a most magnificent wonder in the heavens above.  Braving the chill just to run outside in your jammies to take it all in.  Standing there wondering how nature can perform such wonders.

Alaska goes all out to research and understand how the northern lights occur and why.  The museum in Fairbanks does quite well in bringing the knowledge to its visitors.  Telling us the how, where, and why of the different colors that display themselves.  Of course, the mint green ones are most common but sometimes one is fortunate enough to witness the rainbow, red, or purples which are much rarer to be seen.  Science explaining that the color variations are from the different atmospheres the energy is dodging, dancing, and snaking thru.  I am sure they have made all kinds of discovers in their research of how to harness and use this energy that the heavens and sun puts forth.  They have accumulated data from the satellites that shed great insight to it all.  Maybe this will help show it off!

Space can even show it's glory!
Space view

It truly is amazing the technology that these satellites have been able to accomplish in discovering all the mysteries of the universe!  Looking at this, one can only wonder how the early generations felt while watching the skies come alive.  Fear, awe, end of the world???  Of course, we are wiser and more educated now to view it with an open mind for all it’s glory!  Totally amazed and wondering how God’s hand created such beauty upon the earth and heavens.

Once you have been spoiled living around them watching snake thru the heavens, life is very dull and has a big void within one’s self upon not seeing them again.  I know my return to the valley this fall graced me with a wonderful display before I returned home again to Arizona.  Seeing all my Facebook friends put more a-live pictures of the views they had witnessed the previous night.  Oh, how I wish I had been there to take in its awesome beauty!  In many ways you just feel so vulnerable even while you are standing there fixed by each unique movement.  Why else would so many brave cold and sometimes subzero temps?  I know for me, it is worth all the cold exposure just to thoroughly enjoy God’s handiwork dancing across the sky!!

Here’s One To Boggle Your Mind!

Les out on his winter hunt
Is he dead or alive???


Sometimes hunting or fishing stories are beyond belief.  Which do you think this is?
I challenge you!
Okay, here is the skinny!  In 1980 we went out for our normal winter meat hunt.  I usually help with the scouting or locating of game.  Whoever finds the game, signals the other and we go from there.  Many times we aren’t the only ones searching for their kill.  As most hunters know, wolves and bears are looking for their winters meat also.
Fall is such a treasured time to be out hunting with all the fall colors and the Indian summer type weather that we had in those days during the first two weeks of September.  That in itself made hunting pleasurable and rewarding.  BUT there is nothing like having the added bonus of food for the winter either.  Of course, as all know, the kill is just the beginning of all the hard work it takes to dress out a 1200 lb animal.
It was early in the morning!  All was at peace.  Calm.  Sudden movement!  Les reacted immediately with a shot that range out.  He couldn’t believe his eyes!  The bull that had been resting after the morning’s feed had shot up at his approach. Was just standing there motionless?  He shot again, thinking something was wrong with the moose or he was confused.  Les inched closer.  Why didn’t he move?
Of course, I had heard the shots and ran over to his area.  I couldn’t believe it either.  Les explained what had happened.  Trying to figure what was best to do.  Soooo we inched closer and closer.  Still the bull didn’t move an inch.  We began dialoging which was best way to handle this.
Les finally realized the bull was dead on his feet.  How can that be?  Les tried to push him over.  No go!  He shot it again at close range hoping it would knock him over.  No can do!  Les figured that this great animal had frozen still or gotten locked up in his brain when he stood up just as Les shot.  Let’s face it,  Stranger things have happened in the land of midnight sun!!!!!!
What were we going to do?  It would make gutting him easier while standing.  All would fall right out.  What would happen after that so that we could cut him up to haul him out?  The truck and home were a long way from the kill site.  Les’s mind was turning!  Finally we came to the conclusion that if he shot him in the head, it might release the freeze.
We pondered it awhile, cut him open, then Les shot the bull again in the head. Yep, you guessed it.  He fell on over to his side.  The rest hunters are well aware of before you ever get the meat home to prepare for the winter eating.  Although this guy was going to make some fantastic meals to help the winter go by easier and healthier for the family!  Just nothing like moose meat as far as we are concerned!  Our valley had plenty to keep us alive and well!!
typical preparing of our winter meat

typical preparing of winter game for food

Really, if I hadn’t taken the picture, would you have believed us when we told the story over the years?  Don’t think so!  It’s like those fish stories or hunts that get way out of scope.  This picture was our proof!

What did I feel as an author about my book as published?

1974 family beginning homesteading

Life beyond normal
One families fight for survival in Alaska
How does one react to a published book written on one’s endeavor to conquer a challenge in life and yet have survived?  My co-author and publisher just didn’t quite grab my life’s story in the same context as it was lived or written by me.  So many things should have been stressed more upon individually  that was important for survival to me rather than for what they felt the reader would crave to immerse in during their reading.  Although it seems many gaps of interest were expressed by my readers who thirsted to know more about the regular and mundane areas of living a pioneer life.  Plus how the family each coped with the different traumas, set backs, dilemmas, ignorance of lifestyle, nature’s ways, and preparing for life from each year to the next.  Those first 5 years were the most crucial determining upon success or failure, as many did.
Daily life just isn’t only the adventurous peaks, but also about the mundane valleys of existence.  Without control on a day to day level, we would have failed when the big issues came upon us.
Another area frustrated me dealing with publishers is that the writer has no control on what is contained in her own book.  They felt maps and pictures were too expensive to produce economically for its readers to buy.  Why is it then that I am always asked where is Minook Valley?  How did your family look when you moved there?  What did your homestead look like then and now?  What were the regulations for you to accomplish your adventure of homesteading? 
My manuscript had filled one in on all those issues in order to help you realize the scope of challenge behind just everyday living in the back country of Alaska or anywhere else as far as that is concerned.  All areas of America has its city life, rural life, country life, back woods life.  We each make our choices as to what conveniences and challenges we want to live throughout our lives.  That can change with each stage of our personal aging and developing.  Times we want to be near others and socialize while other times we want to be distant and more personalized in our expression of life.  Some of us are more independent with animal or nature orientations while others are more people and social bound.  That is what makes us all different even in the same families!  Remember, being different doesn’t make us bad!
It’s like chopping your life apart with only the adventures and traumas shining thru!  Yes, there are those adventurous times,  humorous times, and then there are just the down and common times to life.  I feel the book could have been written in more fuller scope of the lifestyle in the back country.  For me, picturing it with a woman’s view of seeing it all happen.
As I look back, I realized that the pioneer times were the happiest and fullest.  Always something new happening yet with a heartbeat that spelled contentment, satisfaction, and love of life!!!  My mainstay was God, family, and healthy ways. Prevention top priority.  Without those guiding factors, life would have ended much differently.  It saw me thru everything that came upon us.
I think we all know, that is the sum of all our days that rounds out the results to our life.  Not just an occasional happening or challenge.  Our daily choices determine where we are headed and how we will end.  That is why life is worth living! Not just wasting it away!!!  Go for that gusto that stirs your hearts desires and follow it!

Why did I write my book ‘ARCTIC HOMESTEAD’?

We can survive!

First cabin when completed in 1974 with Tom, Sid, Sean & Cara sitting on poles for porch over the Minook Creek in the heart of the Minook Valley.

Norma Cobb, author & photographer

People keep asking me why I wrote my book about our homesteading days in Alaska.  Seems my children remembered the early years vaguely when we would gather around the fire to talk and reminisce about the ole days.  Plus I wanted my grandchildren to understand why their parent was just a little different and special compared to others parents that they knew in life. 

The Cobb’s ages were young for five kids adventuring into the bush country–Sid 9 years old, Sean 6, Tom 3, and the twin girls-Cara & Cora 1 1/2.  Living there over the years til they had graduated from correspondence schooling and spanning out to tackle the world on their own fortitude and merit.  With their parents Les 21 and Norma 28 not truly understanding the  cost of their dreams they had embarked upon.  As far as Norma was concerned it was a God thing founded in her dreams for her family!

Moving to Alaska in November, 1973 preparing to start homesteading our land in the spring of 1974 created a lot of unexpected adventure and heartache in our lives–bad roads, spring breakup not complete, a child shot, unfriendly locals, valley not able to be accessed without big issues, unforeseen nature problems, and worst of all,  just not knowing what we were to do next in order to develop our valley paradise in the isolated backwoods and deepest wilderness that Alaska offered for the Cobb clan.

So many things for a cheechoco to learn in such a short time to be prepared for the winter snows ahead.  Confusion, turmoil, ignorance, unprepared, poor, challenged, and young were all good reasons why we didn’t seem to pull it all together properly.  Our minds just had no idea when we started this chapter of our lives.  Learning as we went along and meeting other homesteaders or miners for helpful suggestions, hints, advice about this bewildering but intriguing land that lay ahead of us to develop and conquer.  Definitely, no substitute for experience and trial-n-error in God’s country.  Mother nature was always the upper hand in it all!

I would say homesteading the interior Alaskan back country was the most challenging experience that each of the Cobb clan had accomplished in their lives.  Who can put a value on the lessons learned in life or challenges met full bore in order to accomplish ones final goals and dreams?  Knowing in the final count down, it will shape everything you do and are or fail in the process leaving you wanting and confused.  Wondering if you ever could have made a success of your endeavors or even followed that dream to its final hour. 

Will power and survival are the names of the game.  Sometimes you just don’t know what your truly made of til you try something in life that challenges every fiber of your body, heart, mind, and soul.  I pray my children will always go for the gusto of life knowing that they have given it their all!!!!  Have you???

Dare to dream in your life,  Norma


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